?Who funded the $800M Private Operation

The Newsmakers

.Erik Prince is accused of violating an arms embargo on Libya to send weapons to a warlord

.A confidential United Nations report, widely quoted in US media, has exposed a botched military operation in eastern Libya

Did the Blackwater founder and Trump ally support Khalifa Haftar in his attempt to overthrow the UN-backed government? Plus, social media giant Facebook unfriends then refriends the nation of Australia over a spat that is redrawing the relationships between big tech and big .government, as well as between media platforms and content providers

.Both sides eventually came to an agreement, but who came out on top, and who had to make the most compromises remains to be seen


Jonathan M. Winer Former US Special Envoy for Libya

Anas El Gomati Founder and director of the Sadeq Institute

Russell Skelton Director of the RMIT ABC Fact Check

Tanya Notley Senior Lecturer in Communication at Western Sydney University


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