The Libyan Arab Armed Forces (LAAF) under Khalifa Haftar has evolved beyond its original stronghold in eastern Libya to expand its territorial control and absorb new forces into its structure

A new Chatham House paper, The Libyan Arab Armed Forces – A network analysis of Haftar’s military alliance provides insight into this evolution and argues that the LAAF is not an integrated organisation but rather is best understood as an alliance of networks of varying compositions

At this webinar, panellists explored the paper’s findings in the context of recent developments in Libya including the formation of the Government of National Unity, and discussed the possible impact on and future of the LAAF

The event was held on the record and livestreamed on the MENA Programme Facebook page.

(to watch the webinar)

Tim Eaton, Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House

Emadeddin Badi, Senior Analyst, Global Initiative on Transnational Organized Crime & Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Amanda Kadlec, Founder, Evolve Governance & Former Member, UN Security Council Panel of Experts


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