Faraj Krekish, a Libyan writer

It is true that life would be difficult without hope, but not to the point of waiting for pregnancy after a hysterectomy.

It is true that some suspicion is a sin, but that does not mean that you cannot differentiate between a sinful kiss and artificial respiration.

When Haftar decided to storm Tripoli and take control of it militarily, this was not a naive and improvisational decision. Rather, it was an organized action in which regional countries, international intelligence, foreign and local forces inside the western cities of Tarhuna, Qasr Bin Ghashir, Sabratha, Surman and even Tripoli and Misrata participated!!

Haftar’s forces have penetrated security, political, and intelligence institutions inside Tripoli, and they have also succeeded in numbing stupid politicians, considering they are wise, till his forces reach Gharyan, claiming that he does not intend to storm Tripoli, but rather it is a step to strengthen his cards in Ghadames negotiations!

And he almost would have had what he wanted without his foolish revolt, the manifested speech of the conquest and his clear statements such as the custom of triple divorce to rescind all the agreements he participated in, and the arrival of his forces in the south of Tripoli!

Shame on every decent political or psychological analyst inch by inch, and arm by arm, who was surprised by Haftar’s attack on Tripoli and did not read all these introductions, statements, actions and words on trying to storm Tripoli politically!!

The High National Elections Commission does not even bother itself with a slight deception or intelligence to tell you, defiantly and insistently, that it is continuing to rig the elections, regardless of Abdul-Hamid Al-Kazah’s statement or Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz’s pictures, but the group of strengthening the negotiation papers in the Ghadames conference do not understand and do not care.


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