Roberta Biasillo (MW Fellow) interviews Ali Ahmida (University of New England in Maine)

 Genocide in Libya: Shar, a Hidden Colonial History” is part of the Interview Series of the multidisciplinary research workshop “Envisioning the Global South(s)” organised by MW Fellows (Roberta Biasillo, Matteo Capasso, Wanshu Cong, Lillian Frost, Maria Gago, Maria Dyveke Styve) .

Between 1929 and 1934, thousands of Libyans lost their lives, directly murdered and victim of Italian deportations and internments. They were forcibly removed from their homes, marched across vast tracks of deserts and mountains, and confined behind barbed wire in 16 concentration camps.

It is a story that Libyans have recorded in their Arabic oral history and narratives while remaining hidden and unexplored in a systematic fashion, and never in the manner that has allowed us to comprehend and begin to understand the extent of their existence.

Based on the survivors’ testimonies, which took over ten years of fieldwork and research to document, this new and original history of the genocide is a key resource for readers interested in genocide and Holocaust studies, colonial and postcolonial studies, and African and Middle Eastern studies.


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