Documentary: The Colonel’s Stray Dogs

Director: Khalid Shamis (Producers: Steven Markovitz, Khalid Shamis)

For 40 years, Ashur Shamis lived in exile in a quaint London suburb, organizing against the Libyan government and Muammar Gaddafi.

Identified as enemy number one, he fled the country in hopes of raising his family in comfort and stability while actively pursuing change for his homeland.

After the 2011 Libyan revolution and fall of Gaddafi, Shamis finally returned home to the beloved country of his fantasy, free from the grip of a dictator.

Upon arriving, he realized the land he desperately worked to liberate was not the same one he left behind many years ago—and he experienced a crushing second exile as local politics took a new direction without his lead.

Now, nearly a decade later, his son Khalid picks up the camera to direct this personal and political story about his undying patriotism and what it means to fight for a country that no longer needs you. Samah Ali.

Watch an interview with Khalid Shamis


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